AleXa’s US tour: One of the most personable concerts

It’s been quite a busy year in 2022 for Zanybros’ starlet AleXa. The Korean-American singer won NBC’s American Song Contest months ago, bringing her a wave of new fans and exposure in the West.

Now she’s wrapping up her US tour, named AleXa’s First Meet & Live Tour in U.S, with San Francisco being her 2nd to last stop before flying back to Korea.

AleXa answers questions from the fans.

Before the concert began, AleXa had a special VIP show for fans. Fans asked her questions ranging from “how did you first get into K-pop?”, to “how was it like being a K-pop singer?, to “what do you usually eat and maintain a strict diet?” AleXa answered all the fans questions with a lot of spunk and enthusiasm, while being down-to-earth, which is perhaps AleXa’s biggest strength.

When the AleXa concert began after the VIP show, she set the stage with some serious energy and brought excitement to the crowd. She played songs such as “We Can,” “Wonderland,” and “A.I. Trooper” to the delight of the audience.

In between the songs, AleXa would talk to the audience, saying that she missed San Francisco, touring the breezy, beautiful city, while eating some delicious crab. The starlet would talk about her adventure on America Song Contest, touring the US more frequently, and connecting with her U.S. fans. The singer later took alcohol shots with two chosen audience members, a segment of this 2022 U.S. tour.

AleXa doing some intricate choreography with her dancers.

She would teach the audience how to do certain hand dance moves for her later songs. AleXa teaching hand choreography showed an important element of her concerts: fan interaction. By taking 5 minutes to each two hand choreographies to the crowd, the audience had something to look forward to when the upcoming songs called for those hand movements. After all, no one in the audience didn’t want to be “that person” in not doing their best during the hand choreogrpahy section.

As planned, when those sections did come up, everyone in the audience did the hand choreography quite well, eliciting cheers and a “good job!” from AleXa when everyone did the hand dance for “Tattoo.”

The intermission soon came, where the concert played a video of AleXa’s other U.S. stops. The video showed her and her team touring New York and all the tourist spots, then performing at Okaton, one of the largest American anime cons. Then the video cut to her performing in her hometown of Oklahoma City, where she was greeted with a slew of fans welcoming a hometown, now-turned K-pop star.

AleXa with her Naruto jacket. In the words of Naruto, “believe it!”

After the intermission, she came out in a Naruto cosplay, alluding to Halloween three days later (her SF concert took place on October 28), as well as AleXa being a lot more heavily involved in the anime con scene. For much of 2022, AleXa has been a feature within the anime community, with her visiting Okaton 2022. To the delight of the audience, whom many are also anime fans, they cheered when seeing her in the Naruto getup.

As with all good concerts, this one also had an end. After an encore, which she came out to perform a few more songs, AleXa soon waved to her fans and said that she’ll be back in the future.

Here’s waiting that her next concert is even more epic, because chances are, it will be.


Credits: YourKpopStory
Credits: YourKpopStory
Credits: YourKpopStory
Credits: YourKpopStory

Special Thanks

We’d like to thank Studio Pav and Zanybros for inviting us to cover the AleXa’s First Meet & Live Tour in U.S in San Francisco as press / media. It was a true honor and enjoyed every minute of the AleXa concert.

If you want to see more K-pop concerts in the U.S., visit Studio Pav’s website.

To see AleXa’s company and all the great MVs they produce (they produce around 50% of K-pop’s MVs), check out Zanybros website.

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