Me at a B1A4 concert in Seoul. The theme was "high school."

What is Popsori, you may be asking yourself? We're a channel all about in-depth Korean music and Korean pop culture. We want you to "Become a smarter K-music fan" with us.

If you've always wanted to...

  • Talk about Korean music and its culture on a deeper level
  • Learn something new about K-pop
  • Learn new non-mainstream K-pop suggestions
  • Or wanted to learn about K-pop other than just reaction videos (though, those are fun too)

... then you've come to the right place.

My name is Jason and I'm the video host and creator of Popsori.

As a former computer programmer turned entrepreneur and video host, I've always loved talking about pop culture. 


I worked as a media member and pop journalist in Seoul for seven and a half years, worked at Yonhap News and Korea Times, and covered over 400 K-pop concerts, gaming shows, and movie festivals as press / media.

I was incredibly humbled to be invited as press during my time in Seoul.

We'll be talking about the "how's" and "why's of K-pop, as well as Korean culture. Topics such as:

... are just some of the stuff we'll break down.

Think of our videos as a fun and educational college class.

As for the name Popsori, it's a play on the Korean word pansori, a traditional form of music. But we used "pop" (meaning popular) and "sori" (meaning sound) instead.


Now that we're cool with each other, here's a couple random facts about me:

  • I grew up in Japan for seven years as a teenager
  • I lived in Korea for seven and a half years, first as a teacher at university, then as a journalist
  • I'm a huge pop culture nerd and not ashamed to say it (e.g. anime, movies, K-dramas, etc.)
  • I love gaming (PC and console) and it's one of my huge passions. In fact, I have a 2nd YouTube channel called "Games N' Depth" that's all about gaming
  • Learning languages and cultures is a big passion of mine
  • Love to dance and do karaoke / noraebang, but my singing sounds like screeching siren (e.g. terrible.)
  • I can't go a day without drinking either a Chai Tea Latte or milk tea
  • I can talk about sports, psychology, business, or entrepreneurship for hours on end

We hope you learn about Korean music and Korean culture with us! For inquiries or business related matters, email us at: jangta[at]popsori.com

And be sure to sign up on my email list and grab my free e-book "The 10 most important lessons I used to breaking into the K-pop industry as media."

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