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I teach companies and content creators how to best brand themselves in the Asian pop culture space.

If you're trying to break into the Asian entertainment scene, expand your network, or grow an Asian pop culture YouTube channel, you've come to the right person.

I've worked in Korea for 11 years in the K-pop industry, esports, anime, movie, and gaming industries. I've worked at some of the biggest Korean companies such as Yonhap News, Korea Times, and the Korean Air Calm Magazine. I've worked at the Korea Games Association and Google on the Stadia team.

Currently, I consult and do contracting for several big companies, as well as mid-sized to large content creators wanting to break into Asian pop culture.


During my K-pop journalist, data scientist, and marketing career in Korea, I've covered over 600 concerts, and worked with SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Starship Entertainment, and Kakao Music to name a few labels.

Some of the prestigious end-of-the-year awards shows I've covered include the Blue Dragon Awards, The Golden Disc Awards, the Melon Music Awards, the Korea Music Awards, and the MNet Asian Music Awards.

Seeing the behind-the-scenes at these events showed me the inner workings of the K-pop industry, how to best network, and how covering these events lead me to a ton of paid opportunities.

As an esports journalist, brand marketer, and social media manager, I covered a slew of events. Some of these events include Tokyo Game Show, Tokyo and Seoul Comic Cons, the Starcraft 2 GSL Finals, and G-Star.

One of the most memorable events I covered was the 2014 League of Legends World Championships in Seoul. It was an incredible event to witness between two great teams. Most importantly, the event showed me how the esports and gaming industry works within.


On the anime side, I've been honored to have been invited to Anime Expo, Fanime, and Crunchyroll Expo, among other anime conventions. I'm humbled to have spoken at over 30 panels at anime cons as a K-pop and J-pop journalist.

For movies, I covered the Busan International Film Festival, the Bucheon International Film Festival, the Tokyo Film Festival, as well as attended the Blue Dragon Awards. I've interviewed Asian actors and movie producers, as well as review movies for a variety of publications.

Exploring the anime and Asian film scene showed me the immense demand these two mediums are around the world. I learned what fans want, what producers look for in greenlighting new projects, and genres that would most likely be a smash hit.

Lastly, if you have a YouTube channel and social media in Asian pop culture, let's talk. I have worked on large accounts (ranging from 100k to over a million subs) in the past and now consult with several YouTube channels in the entertainment field.

From all this, if you want to make an impact in the Asian pop culture scene, I can help.

By working with me, you break in the industry by helping you establish a strong brand right away. You'll go from knowing no one to having tons of contacts in the entertainment industry. Best of all, you'll have a clear path in growing your brand, since I can tell you what to do and most importantly, any traps to avoid.


For a more throughout background on my work, please check out my Professional Page.

If you want to learn about my K-pop origin stories -- kinda like my own MCU orgin story, please check out my About Page.

This should give you a good idea on what I can offer you if we decide to work together.

If you're interested to work with me, email me below and we can hop on a quick video chat to see if we're a good fit. Serious business inquiries only.

Thanks in advance!
- Jason