K-rock’s new sensation: Rolling Quartz

On a cool, breezy night in San Francisco, rock and K-pop fans alike were lining outside of an old, iconic house called Bottom of the Hill. Their reason: K-rock band Rolling Quartz.

Debuting in December 2020, the five-member group of Jayoung, Hyunjung, Arem, Yeongeun, and Iree has carved out a growing indie fandom. Since the group was formed during COVID, Rolling Quartz The ladies leaned on their social media to gain traction, while performing on shows such as M Countdown and collaborating with singers like AleXa.

In 2022, they would perform at Otakon, an anime convention based in Washington D.C and one of the largest anime events in the US. In the spirit of being at an anime con, they would cosplay during the day to the delight of their fans.

Fast forward to May 11, 2023 to their concert in San Francisco. The fans during their concert was an older demographic, averaging from mid-20s all the way to 60 year olds that resonate with the Korean rock sound.

Seeing the group perform live, they bring an infectious and down-to-earth vibe. They relate to the audience, talking to them during sets, while also hyping up the on-goers before each of their riffs. The group would play both iconic rock covers, as well as their own tracks during their concert.

Rolling Quartz’s concert would last about an hour and a half, where they would give a rousing encore to the delight of the San Francisco audience. After their last song, the group would leave the stage, leaving us a last impression of the rock group and showing major potential to break out in the next couple years.

Special thanks to FakeStarUSA, Rolling Quartz’s tour organizer in the US. They invited us to cover the SF Rolling Quartz concert and we couldn’t be any more grateful than we are.


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